It is the passion, the purpose and the people who gave us appreciation, it is your love. We are working with over 20 years of experience in the advertising industry. As a growth of digital market & online services, Dipak Swaroop, Jitender Kumar Sharma & their team launched an agency named CINZEL. Providing creative, web & digital Services, that’s committed to helping brands achieve success. Our agency chased growth and profits with faster, more measurable results via Internet channels for you.

Cinzel is an agency helping clients scale their business and to generate revenue of millions of rupees each month. From small startups to big brands, Cinzel is committed to scaling each business into a pro

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Design my terrace was started with just 2 team members & lots of passion in 2016.
Our main purpose is to make Indian homes more beautiful & to give them a healthy fresh environment.

About Project

The task was to generate quality phone call leads for the business. Our target was the potential audience who are searching for garden designers.


The challenge was that we had a very small audience to target in the beginning until we started creating an audience base.

The CPC of the keywords we were using was too high. Irrelevant queries were also there.

We had to compete with the big sharks too.


We got the solution to our first problem when we started creating our audience base and social media presence. Our main source of awareness and brand consideration was Facebook and instagram.

We solved our second problem by optimizing our landing page and choosing low CPC keywords which led our campaigns to overall low CPC.

And, We started researching and tracking the strategy of competitors .

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